Thursday, April 26, 2012

Team Yale

On Sunday, Team Yale participated in the Race for the Cure in Ocean City.  It was the first Susan G. Komen race to take place on the beach.  Despite the rainy weather, the team showed up bright and early to show their support.  Although Steve and I both stayed home, we were there in spirit and were very touched by everyone's support.  We ranked #5 in total donations, raising over $5K for the cause. Everyone got a shirt with a pink elephant on it, and Steve and I got to put special names on the back of each.  Most were funny names we came up for each person.  Here are some of them and a few pics.  There are more pics, but these are the ones I have that the group sent that day.

Pink Cosmos
N4L (Can anyone guess what this one is?)
3's Company
Mrs. Clean
Jule of the Chespk
Zac Attack

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