Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Carbing It Up

I am feeling really good as I get ready for my 2nd chemo treatment.  Charlotte is finally better, as well.  Last week, after running a high fever for a couple days, we made a trip to the pediatrician's office.  One good thing about my current situation, I get called back right away and do not have to sit in the waiting room with the germs.  They also provided me with lots of face masks in case I need them at home or when I go in public.  Since C had a viral infection, I was worried all week I was going to come down with something, but so far so good.  My baby girl is finally happy again, and last night she finally got a good night's sleep. 

This week, I am trying to carb up and eat lots of yummy foods.  After the last Chemo treatment, I went two days unable to eat.  My appetite eventually came back, but not as quickly as I would have liked.  I am trying to gain a few extra pounds as my weight teeters at what I consider an unhealthy level.  My oncologist was not concerned about my weight, since the steroids I am given at each treatment should help me gain and not loose.  I am sure at the end of my 5-month chemo regimen, the steroids will have done a good job, and I will be writing about losing weight.  We shall see.

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