Friday, April 6, 2012

1st Chemo Treatment

Its has officially started, and I am receiving my 1st phase of chemo.  I will be receiving AC (Adriamycin & Cytoxan) a total of 4 times (every 2 weeks).

Early in the morning, we were both busy getting Baby C packed up for her fun playdate with Lauren.  That took my mind off what was going to happen later that morning.  The ride to Hopkins was good.   We chitchatted about non-cancer things.  The panic started as we were walking into the building.  By the time we got to the floor, we were both trying really hard to keep it together.  It was so emotional and extremely scary.  Once we were called back and got settled in our little cubby, I started to feel better.  The nurses explained everything that was going to happen and each medicine they were going to give me.  I was also bombarded with lots and lots of literature.  All the nurses were extremely nice and comforting.  They were constantly asking if I needed anything or if they could get me something.  The atmosphere was very upbeat.

They started the normal IV fluids, followed by anti-nausea meds, steroids, and the two chemo drugs.  The A chemo was called a push.  They pushed it into my IV.  It was bright red.  It was a little strange since I could see it going in.  The C chemo was just dripped into the IV.  The whole process from the time we got there until we left was 3 hours.  I was hooked up for about 2.5 hours.

I started feeling nauseous earlier than they thought I would, so I started my prescription anti-nausea meds yesterday.  They helped, but give me a nagging headache.  Since I hate to feel nauseous, I will take the headache.  I will start to feel the effects of the chemo in the next few days.  Steve has to give me a shot called Neulasta this morning.  It's supposed to help decrease infection, but it will make me feel achy like I am getting the flu.  This has to be given 24 hours after chemo.  Hopefully, Steve will be able to administer it.........


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  1. I'm so happy I got to spend quality time with Charlotte yesterday and that I could help out in some small way. She was so fun to play with, and I hope she brings plenty of sunshine to your otherwise cloudy next few days. Let me know if you need anything over the next few days. <3 you!