Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gearing Up.......

Today I had my last follow-up with my surgeon.  He wants to see me back in a couple months just to check in. 

Then, I met my girls Lauren and Emily for lunch with the kiddos (C slept most of the lunch).  I'm enjoying the taste of food while my taste buds are still working.  

Then, it was off to Hopkins for blood work.  I met two of my nurses while I was there, and they were so very nice and made me feel very at home and at ease.  It was the first time my port was accessed, which was not an altogether pleasant experience, but it will get better for me the more often they do it.

Charlotte was a little trooper today.  She went to all the appointments with me without any fussing.  The girls at Hopkins loved her and want me to bring her every time I come in for appointments.  Not really practical, but I will have to take her for a visit again soon.

Tomorrow I have an echocardiogram bright and early.  Baby C is going to have a little playdate with her buddy Deacon.  This is the last thing before chemo starts on Thursday!!!

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  1. Hi honey. just checkin' in today to tell you that i'm praying. every day, praying. and thinking of you and your family. i hope today goes smoothly for you and that your first round of chemo isn't too rough. love you!