Thursday, April 26, 2012

2nd Chemo Treatment

My second chemo treatment went well (now 50% through phase 1 of chemo).  After discussing some of my side effects with my doctor, he suggested changing a couple things.  First, he switched to a different anti-nausea medicine and second, they increased the drip time on one of the chemo meds.  I am not sure which one did the trick, but I did not get the horrible headache like the first go-round.  The first few days were still not pleasant, but I made it through, and it didn't seem to be quite as bad as the first.  I am sure part of that was because I knew what to expect.  I also increased my fluid intake and tried to drink an 8oz glass every hour. 

C had a little sleep over at her mom-mom's, so I had plenty of time to rest over the weekend.  She had lots of fun playing with Uncle Tommy & Uncle Ryan.  Poor Steve had to deal with not only a grouchy chemo girl, but also a grouchy PMSing one.  Poor guy, but he came out in one piece. 

Aside from the lingering fatigue (that is driving me crazy), I am trying to get back to normal.

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