Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bald Is Fabulous

The morning of my second chemo treatment, my hair started falling out.  Since I didn't particularly want to see it all over the place, and I knew I would not be up for it over the weekend, I decided to call in the forces and shave my head.  Some of my close friends came over for some Friday night pizza and fun.  We made it a family affair, and everyone took a turn with the clippers.  I had a mohawk at one point :O)  Steve also joined in to show his support by shaving his head.  He's a little afraid it won't grow back since he has a little receding hair line already.  Oh, and our friend Crossie also shaved his head that night. 

Although it was traumatic to have to shave my head, everyone, including myself, held it together and there were no visible tears, just some teary eyes.  I am doing ok with not having any hair so far.  I look at it as one more step closer to being done and another thing to check off the list.  Plus, the added bonus of not having to shave all those girly places is very close in my future.  I am excited to use all the scarves I have been collecting.  I do have a pretty small head, so some of the hats I have are a little too big.  Baby C now officially has more hair than both her parents.  She even showed her support by coming home from Mom-Mom's with her own head wrapped in a bandanna.  It was really cute. 



  1. You are such a strong and BEAUTIFUL gal, Erin!

  2. Although shaving your head is quite a tramatic & emotional experience - the added bonus of not having to shave your legs & underarms is great (especially since you're going through everything in the spring & summer). I had the smoothest/baby soft skin during chemo.

    Continue to stay positive! And if if you need any bandanas and/or head wraps, I have a million that I'd be happy to pass along. I'm sure you do look fabulous!

  3. Erin, you are beautiful!! Thanks for letting us be there for you.