Saturday, June 2, 2012

Phase 2 - 1 Down, 11 More to Go

I survived my first treatment of Taxol, and I must say it's pretty awesome in comparison to least so far.  I met a lady on Thursday when I was at Hopkins for blood work who was almost done her Taxol treatment.  She stopped over to say hi and get a peek at Charlotte (who was a hit with all the nurses and a few patients).  I asked her how Taxol was, and she said "It's like heaven compared to what you have already been through".  And so far I have to agree.  It's so much better.

It was a rather long treatment, but they said the first two would be the longest, and then they would be much faster.  I didn't have an allergic reaction, which was also great.  My blood work looked great, although it will probably not be the case as we progress through this phase.  Today, I felt pretty good.  I needed a nap this afternoon, but I was not on the couch feeling horrible and dreading the days to follow. 

1 down - 11 more to go!!!!!

The doctor commented on how good I am doing handling everything and said whatever you are doing, keep it up.  I'm not saying that I don't still have my ups and downs and emotional breakdowns.  I am not made of stone.  But, I know it has been everyone's prayers for both me and Steve over the last few months that have got me through.  And no matter how difficult it is at times to have an 8 month old baby when I am always tired, I 100% believe that God put Baby Charlotte in our lives at the exact right time.  There is no better thing than seeing her smiling face in the morning or tucking her in a night.  She is the best inspiration I could ever ask for. 

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