Thursday, June 28, 2012

Extended Stay at Hotel Hopkins

My counts took an exciting leap to 21 yesterday.  They have, however, taken a not-so-good decrease back to 0 today.  So far, all my bacterial and viral tests have been negative, so they are not really sure what is suppressing my bone marrow.  There are still some tests cooking that might point us in a direction of an infection in the next day or so.  I have not had a fever since my first day here, so that is definitely a good sign.  Overall, I am feeling pretty good.  Tired and a little run down feeling, but that’s to be expected from chemo and having low counts.  If my counts are still not up in 4-5 days, they will talk to the Hematologist here on what other options we can disucss to increase my ANC levels. 

I will be here for at least a few more days and quite possibly over the weekend.  My spirits are still holding strong, and I am trying not to get too discouraged about my counts.  I am definitely missing my baby girl.  Steve got to spend some good time with her yesterday evening, so it was nice she got to see her daddy for a little bit.

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts over the last few days.  Continue to pray that my counts will increase (preferably on their own), and that I will be able to head home soon.  It is somewhat of a comfort to be here away from germs, not that I am 100% protected since I am in a hospital, but the protocol for my floor is pretty good at protecting the cancer patients from germy germs. 

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