Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Moving in the Wrong Direction

My body is rebelling on me.  I have been fighting something since Sunday.  I am still clear of any fever, which is wonderful.  I am, however, feeling poopy and have what they think is a viral infection.  Since I was not feeling a whole lot better, my NP wanted to see me today.  They swabbed me for strep just in case, since one of my nieces had strep last week, and I might have been indirectly exposed through Grandmom.  Those results were not in when I left, but they will call if anything came up.  They also rechecked my counts, and they are on a downward spiral.  I think in my last post I said I was under 1,000.  I was actually under 200 last week.  I apparently need to take a class on how to read my lab reports.  Now that I am looking at the right line, my counts are down to 80.  Not the improvement we had hoped.  She said there is not much difference between 80 and 0 at this point.  I will most likely not be getting chemo on Friday, unless my body works very hard at replenishing my white cells.  In an effort to keep our exposure to germs to a minimal, Char will be staying home with me the rest of the week.  She was actually running a low grade fever this afternoon, which I think is just her top teeth breaking through.  If she comes down with something more serious than just teething, we will have to be separated until it passes.  They did put me on a strong antibiotic to help combat my exposure to things.  I am still checking my temperature several times a day.  A fever would not be good at this point. 

Please pray for a speedy recovery of my counts, and also, that Charlotte and Steve will stay healthy in the process.            


  1. Praying now for you girly! Stay strong!

  2. Thinking of you and praying for you always. Sorry to hear about your blood counts:( If there's anything I can do, please let me know. I can watch Charlotte if you need me to or anything.

  3. Sorry to hear about your low blood counts Erin...It looks like you are eagerly trying to get back on track. Keep fighting, it will be over soon!