Friday, June 15, 2012

No-Go for Me

Today I arrived for chemo, excited to be 25% through phase 2 of my treatments.  I had my blood drawn and saw the doctor.  Unfortunately, when I got back to my cubby, my blood work had come in and my counts were very low.  Just to double-check, my nurse redrew it just to make sure it was not a lab error.  There was no change.  I am or have (not sure which) leukopenia.  My white blood count is under 1,000, so I was unable to receive my treatment.  As she was putting the fear of God in me about germs, eating meat that is not cooked properly, fever, chills, being in crowds, etc. .......I started to cry.  Aside from being disappointed it will be one week longer than I thought before I am done, I have to be super careful not to catch anything.  Having an 8 month old makes that difficult.  A fever or anything questionable will most likely land me in the hospital.

On a happier note, Charlotte and I started getting back into the groove this week.  Charlotte started back at Celebree.  She did great, aside from being so busy she didn't want to take the time to drink her bottles.  She is loving being back with all her friends and playing.  I also went back to work this week.  I wasn't sure how I would feel about it, but I am SO happy to be back!!!!  My first week went well, definitely a step in the right direction.  Given what we learned today, it's probably not ideal that we are both back in environments where there are lots of people and germs, but we will take the necessary precautions to hopefully limit some of our exposure.   

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