Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mommy/Cancer Patient

Since we have temporarily pulled Baby C out of daycare to spend some much needed quality time with me, my days are quite busy.  I am enjoying spending time with her since I am not sure how I will be during chemo and what I will be able to do.  Recovering from surgery has been a little challenging with all the ups and downs, but I am healing well.  Taking care of a small child full time is hard work.  Kudos to all the stay at home moms out there, especially the ones with multiple children.  Sometimes when C is especially fussy (that tooth better come in soon) I think:  "If only I was at work right now.  Ms. Mary would be dealing with this fussy pants."  But, then I stop myself and say that my time at home right now is the best thing for myself, and I am so grateful for this extra time with C.  I think of all the other fun things I would be missing out on.  I would have missed the apple baby food she spit at me yesterday, or the snuggle time right before a much needed nap.

It's hard to be a NEW mom and be a cancer patient.  I am torn between reading my baby development books and the stack of Parenting and American Baby magazines that are piling up, or my Eating Hint,  Eating Well Through Cancer, and Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips.  I will say I have given up completely on the idea of making homemade baby food.  I figure as long as it's organic she will be just fine :o).  I would read up on all the cancer stuff and leave the development and patenting reading to Steve, but he is already my cancer researcher and insurance claim fighter on top of everything else he does.  I will just have to figure out how to do it all!!!!!   

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