Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chemo Is Scheduled

Although we are still waiting on the results on my margins, (Don't ask!  It's very frustrating!) I have scheduled my first chemo treatment.  It's official.  This is really happening!!!!!  Of course, this will depend on the results, which will be in sometime in the foreseeable future.  But, as long as they are negative, we can finally move forward. 

April 5th will be my first day of chemo (pending neg results)!!!!  The chemo bunny will be visiting for Easter this year.

I so wanted to get this all scheduled, and now that it's next week.  Reality is sinking in.   

I will have some preliminary tests done in the next several days as we prepare for chemo.  I will finally be able to start a chemo count down. 

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  1. Wow, it really is happening. Still can't believe this. I'm heading east for Easter and would love to bring you guys a meal. We will be in MD from the 6th through the 12. Been thinking of you tons. I'll be in touch.