Sunday, March 4, 2012

Get Well Cards - A Must Read

I have received some wonderful cards from friends and loved ones over the last few weeks.  Today I received 21 get well cards from the 5th grade students at Cardinal Shehan School in Baltimore.  They were so fun to read and were very colorful and cheerful.  Below is what a student named Cody wrote in his homemade card that had a big red heart on the front.

Make sure you pray everyday so the Lord can give you angels on your side.  Believe with all your mind, soul, and body.  Believe in God.  Pray, pray, pray, and He will answer, give angels, and listen to your help and cry.  Think of your family.  They need you.  Don't give up.  Fight it for you, your husband, daughter, and family.  Remember to believe in Him for eternity. 

Are you wiser than a 5th grader????? 

Each one was very special.  We loved reading them tonight.  A big thank you to Mrs. McDonald and the 5th grade class at Cardinal Shehan School.


  1. How sweet and insightful!! What a nice little boy:)

  2. we read all your cards while we were babysitting charlotte. they were so touching. you have quite a group rallying behind you, even ones that you don't know, and when you are in heaven perhaps you will meet strangers who were praying for you during this time. what a cool thought. one never knows who our life is touching or who's heart the Lord is laying us on to pray. you are loved.