Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1st Hair Cut

Saturday, I visited a beautiful new spa that opened in the area for my 1st post chemo hair cut.  I had forgotten how much I truly enjoy getting my hair done.  Before chemo, I was a regular 6-8 weeker and always looked forward to my appointment.  It was not unusual for me to tell my stylist to do whatever she wanted or make a drastic change and chop off my long locks.  My most recent drastic change (aside from complete hair loss) was early in my pregnancy when I donated my hair to Locks of Love and went the shortest I had ever been.  That was a fun visit to the salon.  Since my hair was very thick and curly, the pixie cuts were a fun change and so much easier to maintain.  I was definitely excited for my 1st post chemo cut, and I had the added bonus of enjoying the brand new spa.  It was like being on a resort.  It's truly a beautiful facility.  I highly recomend checking it out if you live in the area.  I can't wait to check out other spa services in the near future at Spa On The Boulevard.

The stylist was great and recommended a few things that will help my hair to grow out.  We talked about style and color.....................................so fun to have these options again.  I will say this "new" curly hair is totally different than the big bouncing curls I had before.  My "new" curls are tight and tight some more.  I know over time they should loosen up some and may change completly.

We discussed my plans to donate my locks once they are 8-10 inches long again and buzz it all off.  This is something I definitely want to do as a reminder to myself and others that your hair is not so important in the grand scheme of life.  It will be a great awareness reminder for me ,so I never forget what other individuals are going though during treatments.  For me, my hair was another accessory.  I was always changing the color, length, straight, curly, etc.  Now that I have gone without it, I will do it again as a reminder to myself what's truly important in life and keep things in perspective.

I thought I would share some of the hair styles I have had over the years.



8-2009 (on our honeymoon)


12-2010 (My God Daughter, and check out my cleavage)

7-2011 (6 Months Prego)

3-2012 (a few weeks before chemo)
7-2012 (With my younger sister)

9-2012 (Last day of chemo)

10-2012 (With my soul sister Erin O)


1-2013 (After 1st hair cut)

From the back - Curlicues


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  1. That is very sweet of you to continue to donate your hair for others! With your beautiful hair, I'm sure that some very lovely wigs can be made in the future! And every one of those hair styles looks beautiful on you!