Thursday, October 4, 2012

Recovery - Take 2

Hello everyone.  I am planning a more in detail post about surgery, but I wanted to keep everyone up to speed on how I am doing. 

We ended up spending most of last night in the ER after I started getting chills, vomiting, and a fever early in the afternoon.  It seems to be a combination of being dehydrated, having a UTI, and extreme nausea from the strong pain meds.  I will say that in situations like these, you get pretty good ER treatment.  The ER downtown is a crazy place in the evenings and even more so when we left around 12:30 AM.  Steve said we got some mean looks and some comments from some of the other patients since we were called back so quickly.  Since I wasn't able to keep my pain meds down when we got to the ER, my pain was off the charts.  The vomiting didn't help since it made my chest hurt even worse.  It didn't take long for them to get things under control, and once I was able to eat and drink again and saw someone from plastics, I was able to go home.  

Today I am feeling much better.  The pain is still pretty bad, but we seem to be keeping it managed.  I am eating and drinking much better than yesterday, also.  The other big accomplishment is that I can pull my pants up after I pee.  It takes a little longer than normal, but hey, it's an accomplishment just the same.

Thanks for all the support and prayers.  I know a lot of people were very worried yesterday after we rushed to the ER.  Hopefully, it all continues to improve from here.   

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  1. Thanks for keeping us all updated! Sending strength and healing vibes your way! My treatment followed a different route, so I cannot begin to imagine the pain you are enduring. Keep smiling (somehow)!