Thursday, October 25, 2012

3 Weeks Post-Op

I am a little over three weeks from my surgery.  I am feeling pretty good and getting around great.  I still have some pain, but I am no longer on pain meds, which is great.  I have a little fluid building up on both sides that causes a little discomfort.  Hopefully my body will absorb this, and I will not need it drained.  Last week I got another fill, but just on the right side.  This brings me to 275 cc's on the right and 300 cc's on the left.  Today I went again, but this time they drained all the fluid in the expander on the left and are leaving the right as it is (see next post).

Let me just say that draining all the fluid out of the left side was so painful.  The actual draining was ok, but as soon as it was done, I had sharp pains immediately.  These are the same sharp paralyzing stabs I experienced after my first fill.  I did not expect any pain today, so I went to the appointment by myself and didn't take any meds beforehand.  I am not sure how I made the hour drive back to my parents.  I had to break down and take the meds when I got home, which so far, are not helping to relieve the pain or the spasms.

Things I Still Can't Do:
  • Lift anything over 10lbs (I have actually been pushing this a little bit.  Shh don't tell!)
  • Sleep on my side, and it's still hard to get comfortable at night
  • Get things off the top self
  • Put C to bed or get her up

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