Wednesday, September 26, 2012


It's amazing what wonderful and suportive people come into your life along the way.  I just wanted to give a shout out to some who have really made a difference, no matter how small, in my fight.

1st and most important is Alexis - I met Alexis through my girl Erin.  We saw each other on occasion during social stuff.  When Erin told me she had breast cancer, I was so heartbroken.  Although we were not close, I really felt for her.  I wish in many ways I reached out to her, but like most people who have not gone though something like this, you don't know what to say or do in these situations.  Hearing about her diagnosis made me get the lump checked out a few months later (she was only a year older than me).  Whether it was really nothing or something more serious at that time, we probably will never know (I was diagnosed a year later).  But, Alexis was the first people I reached out to for information and support.  She responded immediately with tons of great information and tips.  A few weeks later, she sent me a great care package of things I could use.  I am so very thankful that life put her in my life, and she could be there for me during the most scariest time.  Steve and I scoured her blog for more information in the weeks following my diagnosis.  I continue to find encouragement through her posts.  Alexis, THANK YOU for everything. 

2nd and just as important, is my prior boss Debbie K.  She was diagnosed at a time when I was in my early 20's, very shortly before I decided to leave for my current employer.  I am sure my leaving was not the best time to be jumping ship, but Debbie in no way deterred me from leaving and even encouraged my decisions.  She had my best interest at heart, even in a time when I know things were hard personally.  Had she really wanted to, I know she could have talked me into staying for her.  Debbie was top on the list of people I called after I was diagnosed.  I knew she had gone to Hopkins, and she was right there with numbers and names of people to contact there.  She stays in touch, and I know she is there if I ever need her.  THANK YOU, Deb.  

My Aunt Phyllis, who was diagnosed at my age.  She was there with e-mails of encouragement, cards, and we had a great phone conversation just last week.  She is a survivor 30+ years, which is so very encouraging.  Love ya, Aunt P.

Mandy, who I found through a co-worker Mike, who went outside his comfort zone to offer her contact information to me.  We e-mailed and keep in touch though Facebook.  Mandy was a little farther through her treatments when we first connected, and it was nice to hear her thoughts on Taxol and treatment in general.  She has two adorable little kids, and I love to see the pictures and see her posts.  I also found her blog very helpful.  Thanks to both Mike and Mandy.

Laura, who reached out on this blog after finding me through Alexis.  She is always encouraging with her comments.  Her blog is full of great information.  Thanks Laura, for reaching out.

Joyce, who I met at my girl Christel's bridal shower a few months back.  She sat down and talked about how she was diagnosed in her early 30's when her kids were little.  Also a survivor of many years, she was so comforting and caring as we talked about it.  She talked about what she had gone through, and it was wonderful that she stopped to talk with me.  Just a few weeks back at Christel's wedding, she stopped me and again was so caring and supportive.  She said she would be praying and thinking about me and encouraged me to stay strong and keep smiling.

Rebbecca, who I found through a wonderful organization called Bright Pink.  Well, actually Bright Pink found her for me through their pink pal program.  We e-mail and talk about whatever.  She is very upfront and candid, which I like.  We were matched based on some similar traits we have in common in our diagnosis and treatments and the ones I wanted in a pal.  I wanted someone who could relate more specifically to my situation as it relates to prevention and some of the decisions I have made or will be making.  She has a great story.  I want to share her video of when she spoke at a SGC race YouTube, which she just shared with me the other day.

I look forward to being there for other survivors like these ladies have been there for me in some capacity over the last several months.  You never know who you are going to touch and how even the smallest things mean a lot to someone who is working through the process.        

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  1. Awww, thanks Erin - I wish we weren't connected by BC, but I'm really happy that I was able to help you out! Although I'm sure you've had your private tough/sad moments, I love your overall positive outlook and milestone celebrations!

    Thank god you stayed on top of your health and monitored your lump. You got this & when its all done, you'll be amazed at all you've accomplished and endured!

    PS - your hair is cute. You can totally rock the peach fuzz/buzz cut look!