Friday, July 27, 2012

Phase 2 - 50%

Today I am excited to say that I am 50% through phase 2 of my chemo treatments.  I have six more to go before I can finally yell from the roof tops "NO MORE CHEMO FOR ME!!!!"

We are all hanging in, and I am feeling pretty good.  No major side effects yet from Taxol.  I am still in a constant state of being tired, but I seem to push through it for the most part.  Charlotte definitely keeps me on my toes around here.  She is crawling and pulling up on things and will be walking in no time.

My hair is coming back despite the Taxol.  I think the three week break I had to take gave it a jumpstart.  It appears I may be able to skip that side effect.  I am still preparing for it to start thinning out, but so far so good.  A lady at Target yesterday told me she loved my haircut.  My hair is definitely not long enough to be mistaken for a haircut, but she was sweet to say that.

The hot flashes seem to have lessened up a little, but they still pop up, especially at night.

So far I have completed 10 total chemo treatments with 6 more to go!!!!!!

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