Monday, July 2, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Yay!  I am home from the hospital.  I was released Sunday afternoon, and Steve and I were both very excited to get home and see our Char Char.  She gave us each a big hug when she got home.

My counts are rising and were at 190 when I was released.  Still not where we want them to be, but definitely improving.  Tomorrow I go back so they can check to make sure they are still rising.  If all goes well this week, I will be able to have chemo on Friday as scheduled.  I am feeling much better.  We still have to be really careful since my counts are pretty low.  I am taking two different types of antibiotics to help fight some of my exposure.


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  1. Yeah! Glad that you are home & that your counts are moving in the right direction! Hope that you can get your next round of chemo & get through the rest of your treatments without anymore issues!