Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I have to say how much I have enjoyed all the cards that have been coming from the very start of all this.  I get a card a couple times a week, and I have started looking forward to the mail coming.

My work family has been the most committed, and I get regular cards from the groups and individual co-workers (along with monthly flowers, meals, and gift cards).  I got a beautiful card with a pink elephant on it.  I assume Ms. Cheryl made it.  I love it.

Each card is special, and I love each one.  I have them all taped to the back of my front door so I can see them often.

Thanks to everyone who has sent cards, flowers, gifts, and meals!!!!!  A few of my girlfriends put together a basket of little gifts that I open on chemo days or days I need a little something special.  Lauren put a little inspirational saying on each of her gifts that I love reading.  After I open the gift I hang the saying on the refrigerator so I can read them during the day.

I was reading from my Chicken Soup For The Breast Cancer Survivor's Soul (a gift from two very special young girls who also made a beautiful blanket to snuggle up with).  It had a wonderful story that is so true.  This is from memory so hopefully I get it right.  It was about a lady who called to tell her aunt, a survivor, that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  The first thing her aunt said was you will never feel so loved in your life.  This really is true.  So many people have reached out even just to say that they are thinking and praying.  Each gesture means so much to me, Steve, and Charlotte!

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  1. I love reading your updates. And we are ALWAYS thinking of you. You, Steve, and Baby C are very much loved. Keep on keepin on, girl!