Monday, May 14, 2018

PET Scan Results

I wanted to share a quick update on my most recent PET scan. It was hard for us to believe, we have had such bad news from previous scans that seemed to consistently show progression over the past year.

Friday evening the PET scan was released for me to view with a message that said “Good News!” We have finally gotten the news we have been wanting to hear........shrinking lymph nodes, less lesions along the spine (thank you radiation), and all organs remain cancer free!! Great news for this mamma and an amazing mothers day gift!! However, Steve and I both felt unsettled at first. We felt like we should be shouting and celebrating this amazing news but for some reason we didn't do that. We just sat there letting it sink in, quietly pondering the results. Our faith in the results were clearly glass half empty (which is not my normal view) and when we actually received positive good news we didn’t know how to react. This is a reminder to always have faith and hope in the healing that can take place. Our hope and prayers were for “no growth” and to have a report of reduction is really amazing!

Now, we have no idea how long this will last or how long this particular chemo regiment will be effective for my cancer. But for now, this is really good news as we go into the summer months.

Thanks for all your prayers (they are working), love and support! Continue to pray for stability of my cancer and strength as I continue through treatments and side-effects.


PS: check out my 1 second claim to fame from the Orioles game on Sunday as they recognize Dr. John Fetting of Johns Hopkins University for advocating and fundraising for breast cancer prevention.

Mothers Day

Mothers Day Morning Love

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