Thursday, January 25, 2018

My Love Hate Relationship with................

My current love-hate relationship will most likely take a lot of people aback when I share this struggle. I hate food right now. Diet and nutrition is such a big part of overall healing, and in the case of Cancer the emphasis is strong from all fronts. Should I be gluten free? The short answer here is yes, I should! Should I take on the anti-inflammation diet? Should I cut out all processed products even those GF products? Is the donut from DD’s really going to hurt me? Not to mention the DD’s latte with almond milk that although sounds healthy is full of sugar. Back in 2012 I totally revamped my diet and cut out all sugar from my diet. I was vocal and opinionated about it, especially at work where I always declined the cookies and desserts that would from time to time make their way into my line of vision. When I was diagnosed with Stage 4 I joked around work, “I should have eaten the F-ing cookies.” What was the point after all? Nutrition didn’t save me from getting cancer again now did it? But despite my struggle with what’s best to eat right now, I know it’s important to my healing and wellbeing. Because my weight currently is still considered low as I have not recovered from the initial diagnosis weight loss, protein is a big push for me right now. On top of the initial weight loss, I lost even more weight during brain radiation. I looked quite sick and thin for months. It’s been a slow process primarily due to the fact that I hate having such a focus on what I am eating right now. Sometimes nothing seems good or I just want to eat all the things I shouldn’t. Protein (shakes, animal, or plant based), green veggies, mashed potatoes, hummus………………………!!! Nutrition is consuming my life from the time I wake up until after dinner time. What is a girl to do aside from taking it one day at a time and one meal/snack at a time!!!

Through this struggle I have been getting my smoothie on every few days when my stomach says “YES.” I am using the following ingredients in my smoothies these days with Origain protein drink as the main ingredient to add a protein bunch. 
  • Origain protein prepaid drink
  • Handful of fresh blueberries
  • 1/2 bananna
  • two handful of spinach packed tight

- Blend and Enjoy!   

Although the struggle is real I know I need to create a loving and nurturing relationship with food again in my life and I am working on it as I type this blog. I know it’s important to healing and that in every way it shapes how we go about our day.

In addition to the smoothie, my goal is to try a new recipe each week and try something new from the ever-growing stash of cookbooks I have around the house. This week was a really yummy detox soup that I found within my Oh She Glows cookbook. It included some awesome spices that make the flavor really great and it tasted yummy. I substituted out vegetable broth with a healthy dose of bone broth. Bone broth is known for some amazing health benefits. Give it a try next time you are making a soup that calls for a broth base. It’s known for its healing powers. Even if you just sip it straight from a nice warm cup like a tea it’s great! I have been drinking warm cups of bone broth a couple times a day. It’s actually not a bad little sipping snack during these long, cold winter days in Maryland. Full recipe here for the Oh She Glows - Detox Soup

 Substituted with bone broth instead of veggie for the added health and healing benefits

Garnish with squeeze of lemon & chopped kale

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