Friday, January 30, 2015

Shh, Don't Tell Mommy

This all started with a pink cupcake when Charlotte was 2.  During breast cancer awareness month, Charlotte's daycare had a bake sale to raise money for charity.  They displayed yummy treats for the parents to purchase as they picked up their child(ren).  Char asked her Daddy if she could have one, and because Daddy is the best, he said "yes, but don't tell your Mommy".  That same month, I had been doing a sugar elimination challenge with PPE, so I was in full on NO SUGAR mode.  As I entered the door from work that day, Charlotte greeted me with a big hug and whispered "I had a cupcake, but shhhh, don't tell Mommy".  We laughed.  It was cute, and I really wasn't mad.  "Don't tell Mommy" has become a little joke.  Although, Charlotte doesn't quite get the concept of a secret just yet.  Steve and Charlotte periodically (hopefully not that often) enjoy treats together when I am not around.  I try not to be a crazy "NO" parent when she asks for things, and it's honestly getting harder and harder to keep all those unhealthy treats out of her life.  She sees kids at daycare eating Munchkins for breakfast and Lunchables for lunch.  I try to explain the difference between healthy and unhealthy snacks so that one day she can make the distinction on her own.  She knows she can't have the fun kid yogurt at the store, because it has too much sugar.  Every time she goes to the store with us, she picks them up and says "these aren't healthy right"?  I think she secretly hopes one day I will have a different answer.  She knows she can't have candy, and she handles that pretty well (although M&M's did get us over the potty training hump).

During a family holiday get -together, someone was handing out Ring Pops to all the kids.  She didn't actually ask if she could have one, but watched as the kids ran around with theirs.  After a little while, she did ask what they were eating.  I explained how it was candy and that she couldn't have any right now.  I get so annoyed when people offer her candy, but honestly I was that person.  I wouldn't have thought twice about giving candy to my nieces and nephews a few years ago.  Soda, candy, desserts, donuts, you name it, I offered it and even went out of my way to buy it for them.  About two years ago, I showed up to my parents' house early one morning, and one of my nephews said, "you didn't bring donuts?  How disappointing!  You always bring good stuff".  Although I have made a full 180 when it comes to foods, not everyone feels the same, and I get that.  The best I can really do is make sure Charlotte understands the difference without feeling left out when it comes to treats.  And look out if there is a birthday party, because she knows that means cake or cupcakes, and she is totally allowed to have one :o)    

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